Jeanette's Weight Loss Story

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jeanette Baird, I am the esthetician at The Body Shaping Fitness Studio for women in Oakville. I have battled with my weight all throughout my life, at age 25 I went through a very difficult time and my weight spiraled out of control. As I stared to get my life on track again with my enrollment in school and the goal to get healthy which meant quitting smoking and with that I gained even more weight.

 Now that I have found a permanent home at The Studio it has been my goal to lose the weight. With the hours that I work and break times all over the place it has been difficult not only to find a program that fits my life but one that will work with my schedule. When Maria told me about Ideal Protein I was very skeptical about a couple of things, was it really fast, was it easy and does the food really taste good?

So with a little nudge from my family and Maria I decided to try this new program. I started the program at our Oakville Body Shaping studio on January 3, 2012, so far so good. I am on day 3 and preparation of the food is fast, easy and all the food I have tried so far is really delicious I really don’t feel like I am on a “diet”.  One other thing to mention I am not hungry at all which is good thing.

I have decided to share my thoughts and my progress with you. Once a week I will be updating the website with my weight loss journey. I have 50lbs to loose, as of January 5th I have lost 3lbs. As we all know the first week is the easiest, hope all my weeks are like this. Please check out the website each week to cheer me on, hopefully my story will help you with your weight loss goals.

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