A positive spin.

 You can't do anything about the weather that we have been having but here are some postive points:

  1. It is giving us more time to get in shape before we will be wearing summer clothes.
  2. Don't have to water the garden.
  3. We don't live in Winnipeg.

We have to be grateful for the small things.

Have a great day!


Secret to weight loss

How many books and articles have you read about losing weight? Probably hundreds, Every magazine promises a quick fix.

Here is the absolute Secret to weight loss. 

If you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight.

If you burn more than you eat you will lose weight.

That is why if you are careful about your food choices, count calories and exercise you will lose weight faster than diet alone.

Simple, right?



Age doesn't matter!

There are so many people who think that it is too late to get in shape because they are not 20 anymore. Think again!

One of our newer members is 81 and her goal is to get in better shape. Isn't that great? In fact we have 5 members who are over 80 and look fabulous. They look at least 15 years younger.

It looks like 80 is the new 60